This is a class for the youngest dancers that will include pre-ballet, creative movement and tumbling.


This class may include the following: tap, ballet, creative movement, jazz and tumbling. A wide variety of styles are used in the combination class to a slow students to explore and experience the possibilities of movement. This variety also gives the teacher a base to make the class stimulating. When a student chooses to concentrate on a particular dance style, the individual classes in tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, or tumbling are recommended.


This class focuses on different movements across the floor and on the barre. A variety of movements will be used, including center, allegro, and adagio. Dancers will learn proper etiquette, technique, and attitude. Students will learn proper ways to improve strength while using fluidity and control to demonstrate balance and grace .


This class will focus mainly on how a dancer can put all their weight on the toes. This will help the dancers focus on their strengths in their feet, legs and ankles, as well as throughout their body. Students will learn different body placements and proper alignment along with establishing a strong  These dancers should be well trained in ballet techniques and terminology.


This class will focus on movements of the feet. The tap show has metal on the heel and on the toes of your feet. It will work with the variety of the different pitches, sounds and rhythms. This class will help you obtain a musical style to dance.


This class focuses on movement flowing through and to the lyrics of a song. A lot of emotions and stories are performed in these lyrical classes. Dancers will learn different styles to express themselves and move more fluidly and continuously throughout their dances.


This type of dance is very expressive and includes styles like jazz, modern, and lyrical. These dancers are striving to connect all thoughts throughout the mind down through the fingertips and toes, all around the body. Contemporary uses different styles of music as well. Floor work is a big part of this class as well as learning how to let to body express and feel their movements.


Modern dance goes against the strict rules of ballet dancing. Modern dance starts out with the inner feelings expressed as well as using your own interpretations instead of a structured steps and movements. This class will be a more freestyle and relaxed type of dance, where dancers can move the way they feel.


Hip-Hop dance uses different techniques and movements like breaking, popping, locking, waving, tutting and many more. This class will also incorporate part of break dancing techniques to get the dancers familiar with the style. This music has more of a up-beat rhythm and can eventually be very fast-passed.